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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  April 2, 2013 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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[♪ theme music ♪] >> stephanie: hello current tv land. we were all prepared and ready for this good morning, jacki schechner. >> good morning. >> stephanie: or as we call you the little red-headed girl. >> your studio makes my hair look particularly red. >> stephanie: whenever it is doing, it is making even gay
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men's pants tight as we heard yesterday. >> i'm not sure that's a compliment. >> stephanie: i don't know little red-haired girl. all right. making mens pants tight across america, here she is in the current news center, jacki schechner. >> oh, goodness. good morning, everybody. more threats coming out of north korea. the government says it plans to restart a nuclear reactor that has been shut down for two years. it includes a reactor that was disabled back in october of 2007. u.s. secretary general says he is deeply troubled by north korea's latest declaration and is asking for calm. it is unclear whether north korea is upping its rhetoric to
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put it's a in better spot for negotiations or shore up kim kum junk under. there is no definitive goals or end points as of right now, but the other arching purpose will be to treat alzheimer's and epilepsy. the official title is brain for short. it sounds like a scene right out of foot loose. protesters turned up to dance at the state capitol in olympia washington yesterday. opponents of the law left over from the 1960s says it is
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implemented arbitrarily, but the state needs the tax money, and a repeal would cost the government more than $88,000. opponents say if they win it will be a last-minute win. we're back after the break. stay with us. ♪ drug war you must be high. >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> do you think that there is any chance we'll see this president even say the words "carbon tax"? >> with an open mind... >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> ...and a distinctly satirical point of view. >> but you mentioned "great leadership" so i want to talk about donald rumsfeld. >> (laughter). >> watch the show. >> only on current tv. hershey's simple pleasures chocolate. 30% less fat, 100% delicious.
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: oh yeah it is. why? because april fool's day is over. hate april fool's day. >> i do too. >> stephanie: we are not a
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prank-based show. >> and i was not in the mood yesterday. >> did we get pranked? >> stephanie: there was one attempt. our good friend hot brie melissa fitzgerald, along with hal sparks tomorrow -- he always makes that sound, it's a little bit creepy. go ahead, do it again. melissa fitzgerald -- >> ummm. >> stephanie: i was on erin burnett yesterday on cnn, and i'll be there today and tomorrow -- >> that's because you are malleable. >> stephanie: yes, i am. what time do you need me? >> a camera? there. tell me what to say. >> what opinion would you like me to have? >> stephanie: that's not true . . . really. she texted me because of the
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sequestration, they are having to sponsor various monuments so the statue of liberty is going to actually be the statue of liberty mutual. and i was like no fool like an april fool. right? nice try sucker. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: we were just seeing wayne lapierre is on the tv, which makes it timely that gregg has sent me if guns don't kill people why was wayne lapierre scared to serve in vietnam. [ applause ] >> stephanie: my recycling situation needs to be rearranged sorry. >> he could have been on the business end of an ak-47. >> stephanie: yeah. so april fool's did you see all of the hill lairty?
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>> i liked the bacon-flavored scope. >> stephanie: that's not a joke. >> why would you want to put bacon flavor -- >> it was an april flavor's -- >> snoo -- >> stephanie: there's bacon flavored condom. we have some right here. >> don't date vegetarians if you use those. >> stephanie: yes. these exist. i get all of my news from gawker now, is that wrong? >> no, they are good. >> what a bacon lube made out of? >> you don't want to know. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: j&ds bacon condoms. >> you are a p-i-g, pig. >> thank you.
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i taste like one too. >> stephanie: each one has been rigorously tested to help ensure reliable and the taste and an added bonus, j&d's bacon lube -- [ bell chimes ] >> stephanie: trademark. it has been generously applied outside and out. for a real hot pork experience. [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: that is hot. meat flavored personal lubricants. got to make sure the dogs aren't in the bedroom. >> hot brie and hot pork. [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: twitter did away
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with vowels. the cast of wing's launched a kick-starter campaign. that was probably steven weber's idea. the digital world celebrated april fool's. in google's case they tried to get their users to lean in and take a sniff for flavors such as unattended litter box. youtube said it was shutting down. [ phyllis diller laughter ] >> the entire past six or serve years of our existence were one big contest, and we were going to announce the winner of the
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best contest -- >> stephanie: oh stop it. [ phyllis diller laughter ] >> stephanie: oh, look at this -- [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: sorry, i am not familiar with the buttons in my box -- >> is someone familiar with your box? >> stephanie: no that is the sad part. there was a gay military family at the white house. the husbands and their kids were at the white house -- >> butters evans, nethers -- >> smithers butters -- >> it is. >> stephanie: in fact tommy writes steph -- oh, because we were having a preeaster peep and anti-peep debate. steph what is this stuff about people choosing to love peeps. you are born a peep lover or not
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a peep lover. [ applause ] >> stephanie: charlie pierce on the big show tina dupuy, and ej graff of "the advocate," all -- >> he made a noise. >> stephanie: he is in extra squeezesy face. jim, who said gays might not win because they have already win? that was the oxymoron moment at the supreme court. you could almost hear them thinking they have "glee," ellen, tammy baldwin what are they whining about. who said that? >> [ inaudible ]. >> stephanie: no mori dowd. jim who said when the suit against prop 8 was filed in 2009
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opponents argued it was too soon and a court decision could cause a backlash now opponents say things are going so well for gays that they don't need help from the supreme court. gays may be winning but there's only so much more progress they make politically. >> [ inaudible ]. >> stephanie: no [ inaudible ]. but you are getting closer. it's like an easter egg hunt. closer. who said 31 states have enacted same-sex marriage those struck by cupid in places like alabama arkansas and utah will either be moving or saying i'm madly in love with you, but let's leave
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it to the state. >> maureen strawed. >> stephanie: no maureen dowd. ♪ it ain't a man's world ♪ >> someone on twitter said a nose was not what was pressed up against jim's computer screen. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: that's just gross y'all. all right. >> you okay? >> stephanie: yes, i'm fine now. nobody help me nobody touch me. charlie pierce has some great stuff, of course tina dupuy, but there's a pweese by doyle mcman non- -- >> a pweese. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: a piece that's entitled scotus-induded chaos.
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he says there will be legal chaos if this isn't decided definitively. he writes if the supreme court decides the two gay marriage cases the way most watchers think it will expect legal and political chaos. the court seems ready to strike down doma and then ruling quite narrowly on prop 8. gay marriage would be legal in california, and it's the same kind of chaos that originally got created here in california where you have thousands of couples that are in legal limbo. and that would allow a growing number of blue states moving to legalize gay marriage but it
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raises complex cases, like moving. what happens to two gay men who marry in new york and then move to utah? and will their federal benefits travel with them even though they moved to a state where their marriage isn't valid. will they file the federal returns jointly but state returns separately? and don't even think about divorce. he is right. this guarantees that politicians that don't recognize gay marriage will be debating the issue for years. anyways he is talking about talking to republican strategists. probably on some level deep down they are opening the supreme court decides this definitively because then they don't have to be on the wrong side of an
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issue. >> right. >> stephanie: this is between the christians and the dones or christian conservatives who want the party to stand against gay marriage speaking on the condition [ inaudible ] noted the gop needs to keep all of those groups inside of a tent which will make gay marriage a problem for any would-be presidential candidate in 2016. the best course is to try to duck the issue. a bold ruling might be best for the gop in practical terms. they could still be pressed to take a clear position in primaries like iowa and south carolina. yeah, that would be amazing if there is a bold supreme court decision. they will have to be -- the
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world is going to hell. this is awful. thank god! you can believe that homosexuality is a sin and still believe that same-sex marriage can be legal said one conservative pastor. that segment of the population culturally conservative may be the one to watch as the issue rolls on unabated another case of the public moving faster than the politicians. yeah, that's an amazing analysis that this chaos will continue unless they are bold. >> that's right. >> stephanie: all right! [ applause ] >> stephanie: that was very good. all right. i'm going to do this thing on the other side. nineteen minutes after the hour.
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we roll along on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: the left roars back. [ fighting cats ] >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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(vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything.
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♪ ♪ well i talked about it talked about it talked about it ♪ ♪ talk about, talk about, talk about -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ won't you take me too, funky town. >> stephanie: uh-huh. twenty-four minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. this hour brought to you by go to
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trying to find time to get caught up at the office can be impossible, that's why we use go to my pc. check it out with go to my pc you can use any program, edit, send any file all of those fancy functions you used to only be able to do from the office. >> uh-huh. >> stephanie: check it out. visit click on the try it free button. the promo code is stephanie. 1-800-steph-1-2 is the phone number. hello, katy in chicago. >> caller: hi, first of all i'm
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coming to see you in chicago. row 4. >> stephanie: all right. let me write that down. >> caller: i expect groping. >> stephanie: it's the closest thing i have to a social life so no problem. >> caller: awesome. i had a facebook fight with my cousin about same-sex marriage and my cousin posed the question, well if you are for gay marriage aren't you also for brother and sister marrying? and it was like a whole-day excursion, and his one friend came up with, when they are teaching about gay sex in school, and i said no we don't. and he is like you know don't what you are talking about. i live in reality.
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and i said we teach abstinence. and they don't even bring it up. i couldn't believe where this guy's logic was coming from. and then he just started name calling. and my cousin came in and said, look i'm sorry, i even brought this up. and i'm like you know you are related to a liberal, if you don't want this don't even bring it up. >> why can't people understand that people are just that way -- it is part of their nature. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: and i did say the only time we ever talk about anything in terms of homosexuality is when we talk about social bullying. and what really warms my heart a
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lot, is i work in a community where it has evolved, and our kids -- we have kids coming out now in that age, and kids are great about it. it's another person with another lifestyle and so what. nobody is bullying anybody. it's a wonderful thing -- >> stephanie: all of my friends that have kids tell me pretty much the same thing, that they just cannot understand what this is somebody, right? >> caller: right. the kids are like, well, what is the question? it's not taboo anymore, it's live and let live and for people who like to call themselves libertarians and tea party and i want the government to stay out of my life well stay out of my life but make sure we know what is going on in everybody's bedroom. >> stephanie: yeah. i was just going to say -- the next couple of headlines i have to cover, it really is -- the fear mongering on the right has gotten to the point of laughable
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headlines. georgia gop woman worries that there are going to be a bunch of people faking being gay just for the benefits. >> caller: yeah i was married for -- my first marriage lasted three months, and it was right around the time i think britney spears got married and she got divorced, and i thought she just got married and i thought oh god, so did i. >> stephanie: katy stick around [ inaudible ]. >> that's only logical. >> stephanie: right. twenty-nine minutes after the hour right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current.
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♪ >> now don't you give up hope -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. . >> -- those new wonder drugs cure anything. sniet >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome it to. tina dupuy coming up, and ej graff. pat in oregon you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, pat. >> caller: how is it going? you said it right -- the last person it's all about the
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benefits. no one should really care what goes on in the bedroom, but it's all about benefits. >> stephanie: oh meaning the gop doesn't want to pay anyone benefits. >> caller: that's right. but they are taking the moral issue about who you love and who you care for, and making that part of their -- their plan to push anti-gay or -- who cares what goes on in the bedroom? if you love somebody you love somebody. [ bell chimes ] >> stephanie: republicans are magical in that way, they want to deny anyone benefits. >> caller: i'm a logger i live in southern oregon -- >> stephanie: that's hot. >> caller: and where i'm at -- ♪ i'm a lumber jack and i'm
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okay ♪ [ laughter ] >> caller: yeah. >> stephanie: log rollers are hot. i don't care who you are. we stunned him. this is the story i was talking about -- even rush limbaugh has admitted the issue is lost for them. sue everyheart please and thank you, georgia gop chair woman warned that straight people might end -- enter into fraudulent gay marriages to obtain benefits. sue said you may be straight as an arrow and say you have a great job with the government
6:37 am
with a great health plan. what would prevent you from saying you are gay and getting married for the benefits. to me this is all about a free ride. and not in a good way. >> no bacon condoms involved. >> stephanie: no. she also said she could not understand how two gay people could have sex. >> well . . . >> well, that's what the internet is for. there's lots of stuff you can learn from the internet. >> stephanie: it was natural, they would have the relationship to have a sexual relationship. [ applause ] >> sex is just for procreation. >> stephanie: so you better be popping one out every time you
6:38 am
have sex my friend. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: southern baptist leader fred lewder links north korean threats to gay marriage. rick wilds, he hosts a -- he is the religious right-wing talk show host who is convinced that president obama is literally a demon. >> because he saw that picture -- >> stephanie: oh yes. after wilds shared -- that had to be some listening pleasure -- the gay rights activists are to blame for north korea's threats -- >> so dennis rodman is a gay man? >> stephanie: apparently. lewder explained that while he is not that strong in
6:39 am
prophecy -- >> i'm not a strong thinker. >> stephanie: or a strong profit. but he said there might be a connection. at the time we are debating same-sex marriage and whether or not we should have gays leading the boy scout movement i don't think it is just a coincidence that we have a mad man in north korea saying what he is saying -- [ applause ] >> i'm not a strong thinker. >> stephanie: isn't there was a -- fred lewder and sue everhard, i want to hear that conversation. i spilled the gravy. i hate the gays. judy in bakersville, you are on
6:40 am
the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: hi, i called to complain about the fact that i have heard so many people say that people my age -- i'll be 68 -- are -- were given their inability not to make slurs ethnic slurs because of their age group. they throw us in with the republicans i guess. like the man that made the wetback comment. i work in the fields here in bakers field when i was younger to make money because i was a single parent and i did that on the weekends to earn lunch money for my kids. because my other job i just didn't make enough. and i never made a slur like that. i don't know why these people make those slurs.
6:41 am
>> stephanie: you are absolutely right, there are young bigots and old bigots and it has nothing to do with age. >> caller: no. it has nothing to do with age. i remember when president obama was running for president, and the man said i'm not prejudice, i would just vote for a black man. >> stephanie: you know whenever someone starts a sentence with i'm not prejudice, you know it is not going to end well. >> caller: yeah. when i hear someone say something really stupid i say oh, he's republican. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: judy, i love you, and i do mean that in a gayway. >> caller: you know in bakersville when they first gave them the right to marry here the gays our city council
6:42 am
people here, the lady who runs -- >> the current county woman -- >> caller: she refused to marry anyone. >> stephanie: she is going to take her marriage ball and go home. >> caller: yeah. that's how we're so -- we're so right here. >> stephanie: judy thanks for calling. >> caller: thank you. >> so if you are a young bigot, does that make you a little-et. >> stephanie: yeah. i'm not prejudice but -- you know this guy from when you loved in arizona -- >> matt salmon. >> stephanie: he has a gay son and he said despite having an openly gay son he doesn't support marriage equality. he said i don't support the gay
6:43 am
marriage. my son is one of the most important people in my lives, but i'm not willing to change the definition of the family. folks at "think progress" said what he said is like okay you can love someone and have a difference of opinion -- >> yeah there's something fishy about that guy -- [♪ circus music ♪] >> salmon -- don't be afraid to swim upstream against public opinion, even if you are not going to spawn -- >> even if you don't support your spawn. [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: he couldn't even cross the street let alone swim upstream to support his spawn -- [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: we need to stop now. >> please.
6:44 am
>> stephanie: what does he think about abortion because then it will be roe versus -- [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: salmon voted in favor of banning same-sex marriage. and his son his family refuses to let him bring his partners around the house. and his siblings unfriends him on facebook because of lbgt issues. good morning, richard. >> caller: good morning. i have two questions one would be what would be the parameters around teaching straight kids not to engage in homosexuality.
6:45 am
the other is after gay marriage is legalized by the supreme court, because skri no doubt that they are going to say that it's completely constitutional -- >> stephanie: richard you think they are going to do a broader ruling? not just in california? >> caller: yeah, i am one of those christians that has no desire to stand in someone's way of civil rights. the called out ones -- we're actually take a step back from this stuff. and i don't understand the whole furror over telling people you have to live like us. but if gay marriage is legalized, all 50 states is it still legal to preach and teach
6:46 am
in christian doctrine that marriage is a man and a woman, and you should really try to stay a virgin until married -- >> stephanie: yeah. because we have separation of church and state. >> caller: but if you are trying to hold politicians accountable for their choice what happens in my company if everyone knows i'm an evangelical, and these are my beliefs, and there's an opening for a senior vice president in my country, what happens if they don't give me that job because i'm an evangelical that has chosen this belief system. >> stephanie: but there are many, many states you can still be fired for being gay. and we don't have anything that discriminates people against certain religion. it is encoded in the law in many states that you can fire a gay person. >> it would be against the law
6:47 am
to fire you on religious grounds. >> caller: okay. i was hoping that's what you would say. and i wish you all well -- >> stephanie: thanks. >> caller: i have been for 25 years telling my co-evangelicals to just stay out of this. >> stephanie: that's what jesus would do. >> caller: yes he would. >> stephanie: forty-six minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: call the political party line now, [ phone ringing ] . the country and around the globe. >>dc columnist and four time emmy winner bill press opens current's morning news block. >>we'll do our best to carry the flag from 6 to 9 every morning.
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it's the documentary series that raised the bar for excellence. >> and on the next vanguard: >> the stabbing out there. >> current takes you inside the prison walls to see just how far some inmates will go to get ahold of goods behind bars. ♪
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>> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ oh girls just want to have fun ♪ ♪ girls they wanna have girls, wanna have . . . ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome it to. charlie pierce from one of the most fabulous writers in the universe coming up next hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. what is the matter with kansas, jim? >> what did they do now? >> stephanie: somebody should write a book about that. >> it is a very flat and has flying monkeys. oh, no -- >> stephanie: no, that's the movie, yeah. they have been diving into legislation that puts forth
6:53 am
house bill 21-43, it calls for hiv positive people to be quarantined. it contains not just hiv but many other contagious diseases as well. but if you pay attention to let's see science -- hiv cannot be contracted from the air. ♪ science ♪ >> stephanie: gilda in west virginia. hello, gilda. >> caller: hello stephanie i just want to tell you how awesome you are. i got to see you in d.c. when you were in the warner theater, and i would have never made it through the politics of this last season if it hadn't been for you guys. i live here in west virginia and west virginia used to be blue, and now it is extremely red, and i would appreciate it
6:54 am
if you all would pick on west virginia and joe manchin once in a while. >> stephanie: put that on our list. >> caller: yeah, right now they are trying to stop abortion in west virginia -- >> joe manchin isn't much of a democrat. >> stephanie: no he isn't. >> caller: i got to have my picture taken with jim that day, and i have been trying to get through since december. i have a lot of health problems and it's hard together get going in the mornings and i turn you on every morning. so thank you and god bless you, and i believe in this life it is short, and if you can find love with whatever you find it, that is fine. i have been married to one man
6:55 am
for 39 years, and i have no problem with someone marrying someone of the same sex. >> stephanie: does he mind the picture of you cheating on him with jim? >> caller: no, he was in the picture too. we were standing in line and i was the lady jim with the cane. >> i remember. uh-huh. >> stephanie: gel -- gelda give your hubby a kiss. and spread the word. that's right. all right. debbie with the opposing view. she thinks gay marriage is gross. >> caller: hi. same-sex marriage. i'm really against it. it reminds me of dogs returning
6:56 am
to their own vomit. i know i'm going to piss a lot of people off saying this. >> stephanie: it's like a dog eating its own vomit? >> caller: yes. >> stephanie: how so? >> caller: when they have sex, it's the same genes from a girl to a girl and a guy to a guy, and they are swallowing that stuff, and it's just disgusting -- >> you know you have secretions too when you have sex. >> caller: yeah, but it's not from the same sex. >> okay. all right. >> caller: all right. >> stephanie: it's like vomit -- so two people that love each other -- >> caller: it's like a dog returning to its vomit to eat. >> stephanie: all right. >> so it's just icky you are just against it. >> caller: you are always talking about their rights -- what about my rights?
6:57 am
>> your rights to not be skeeved out? >> caller: in my opinion, the gays should go back in the closet -- >> the gays think the same about you, bigots. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: what if there isn't any swallowing of anything? >> caller: it just grosses me out watching two people of the same sex kissing. >> well you don't have to watch that -- >> caller: well, when it is right there in front of ya. >> caller: so you are fine with people doing it just as long as they are in the closet and don't do it in front of you. >> caller: yeah, and i don't
6:58 am
think they should be allowed to be married. >> stephanie: are you married? >> caller: yes, i am. >> stephanie: and does he feel the same as you? >> caller: yes. >> stephanie: really? really? he has never watched hot girl on girl porn -- >> caller: oh, probably. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: all right. i think we won that one. ♪ nah nah nah nah nah ♪ >> stephanie: he would have no problem with that. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: it was bill maher's line when we say we're against gay marriage, we're not talking about the girls. well, she was chuckly. that was nice. i like my bigots chuckly. dogs return to its vomit.
6:59 am
all right then. we roll along on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> stephanie: okay. hour number 2. charlie pierce with coming up. jacki schechner i hate to report trouble for the republican party, but the headline on the l.a. times, health care an obstacle as republicans court latinos. >> yeah, hispanic voters favor health care reform at a margin
7:01 am
of i think two to one. >> stephanie: so maybe they will do the right thing not to do the right thing, but to win the latino vote back. >> if sincerity oozes, is it still sincerity. >> stephanie: all right. here she is in the current news center. jacki. >> it is republican runoff day in south carolina. two are competing to see who gets to square off against elizabeth colbert-busch. "politico" says keep an eye on turnout today that's a good indicator of just how strong sanford's gop support may or may
7:02 am
not be. he is -- excuse me the first congressional district is republican, but colbert-busch could garner support from independents and republicans given sanford's shady past. ted cruz is going to give the keynote address on may 3rd in columbia, south carolina. it's an important primary state and that fuels questions about his aspirations for 2016. the dinner is honor of jim demint. two local new york politicians under arrest today for allegedly trying to fix the new york city mayoral race. six people were taken into custody on charges. there was a republican seeking to run for mayor, and [ inaudible ] in exchange to
7:03 am
access for republican leaders. federal prosecutors in manhattan filed a criminal complaint. we're back with more show after the break. stay with us. to the fire. are you encouraged by what you heard the president say the other night? is this personal or is it political? a lot of my work happens by doing the things that i am given to doing anyway. staying in tough with everything that is going on politically and putting my own nuance on it. not only does senator rubio just care about rich people but somehow he thinks raising the minimum wage is a bad idea for the middle class. but we do care about them, right? vo: the war room tonight at 6 eastern
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: uh-huh. it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome it to. six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. the website, check it out. and we have new pictures up on
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face back of i can't remember now -- of something -- >> of you with the horseys and you with your boyfriend? >> stephanie: which one, steven stills? >> no. >> stephanie: oh jeff my boy toy. >> that's right. >> stephanie: oh and you and travis are in the picture too. >> that's right. >> stephanie: 1-800-steph-1-2. sexy liberal next -- next saturday april 13th in chicago. very, very exciting. hal sparks, john fugelsang and i. i will be flying -- i used to through screammy baby airlines and now i fly transvaginal bicurious airways encase you missed the story about the bicurious woman hitting on me -- >> straightish. >> stephanie: exactly. however, chris --
7:08 am
[♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: what was the big controversy we got in during the primary between the president and hilary. >> yes, it was contentious. >> stephanie: right. i said because she won samoa and he won the dominican republicans, and i said we may have to actually weigh them -- and then i got in a lot of trouble for suggesting that samonians were heavy. vindicated again. samoan airlines the first to be a pay as you weigh airlines. the chief executive of -- they are being -- they are being fattest against fellow
7:09 am
samonians. the chief executive said there's no extra fees in terms of excess baggage -- >> stephanie: it flies these tiny 12-seating planes, so that makes a difference -- >> you have to be very careful -- >> about weight, exactly. >> stephanie: right, you have to balance out with some dominicans. you need to space dominicans and samoneians -- >> they are on the other side of the world, stephanie. >> stephanie: all i'm saying -- i have flown those tiny plains -- >> dominican republican is not american -- >> stephanie: i'm talking about what jim said. >> dominican republican does not vote in our elections -- >> stephanie: i'm thinking of something -- who is the other -- >> guam? >> stephanie: that could be it?
7:10 am
the u.s. virgin islands? >> stephanie: that's it. anyway sa moahas an obesity problem -- >> what is on the menu? spam? >> stephanie: roland got addicted to spam sandwiches in hawaii. >> oh, it's everywhere in hawaii. they sell spam sueshi. >> spam-shi. >> and you can get spam-witches at mcdonald's. ♪ spam spam spam spam ♪ >> stephanie: thank you. a couple of people want to
7:11 am
comment on our last caller. hello deb. did i do that wrong? yes, i did. hi, deb. >> caller: i think i said hi about 15 times. >> stephanie: oh, pardon me. hi. >> caller: i was calling because that girl was so unreasonable that i can't even call her a woman -- >> stephanie: she said gay sex is like a dog returning to its vomit. >> caller: she needs to have some education. that's the problem with people who have never been in a minority. even though she is a woman, women aren't actually a minority. >> stephanie: that's right. >> caller: she knew three girls in high school that wanted her totally, and they dressed right next to her in gym. she probably showed them her panties. >> stephanie: i don't know what that call is about. >> let me just enjoy that image
7:12 am
for a while. >> stephanie: yes. steven in arizona. >> caller: hey stephanie, love you. yeah, being a gay man in arizona, i'm offended by her because i will probably have to sit next to her at restaurant and she holds her hands with her husband, as she kisses him, and they exchange their bodily fluids. oh, it was so horrible. >> stephanie: yeah, i hear ya. yeah. thank you honey. i think one thing we can all agree on in terms of what is icky. that guy breaking his leg -- [ buzzer ] >> kevin ware of louisville. >> stephanie: yeah, i heard it described and i didn't -- the head coach. >> i don't think anyone of us with what we had to witness could have overcome it if it
7:13 am
wasn't for seven wear 12 times, i'll be fine win the game. >> he said with his bone sticking out of his shin. >> stephanie: i'll be fine. >> take a lap as my 8th grade gym teacher would say. >> stephanie: yeah. [♪ "jeopardy" theme music ♪] >> stephanie: jim, who said when women got the vote they didn't redefine voting when african-americans got the right to vote, they were invited to the table. we have no desire to change marriage we just want the same privileges as straight people. who said that? >> mark levin. [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: no cynthia nixon. who caused some controversy. she had been married to a man
7:14 am
for many years, and then fell in love with a woman, and i think they are married. >> stephanie: yeah. >> with her wife. >> stephanie: see what you did there? >> right. >> stephanie: richard writes steph i take issue with you guys making such a big deal out whether or not homosexuality is a choice. it shouldn't matter at all to a free person and a free society. why should it make a nickel's worth of difference if you did choose it. it's irrelevant. it doesn't matter. >> but there are people trying to de-gay people based on the assumption that it is a choice.
7:15 am
>> stephanie: right. could i have squeezy music. jim, this is totally for you. [♪ porn music ♪] >> stephanie: audra spent me me -- sent me this. or maybe she doesn't. [ crickets chirping ] >> so i -- i have been with a few woman. can i kiss you? ♪ ahhhhh ♪ ♪ but i don't even know her ♪ >> she seemed real nice reason? ♪ and she comes lanes over ♪ >> oh well thanks but no -- no thank ♪ ♪ the by curious wanna be lover ♪ >> no it's okay. >> ermahgerd!
7:16 am
>> awkward! ♪ i gave her my phone number ♪ >> oh, my gosh, i did. [ phone ringing ] ♪ that middle-aged wanna be lover ♪ >> all i can say steph is it's a good thing you weren't in a hot tub. [ phone ringing ] >> stephanie don't answer that. this message has been brought to you by lesbian women who have been hit on by middle-aged by curious women, in hot tubs and airplanes and chucky cheese. [♪ porn music ♪] >> stephanie: the headline, jim, it's from the daily mail, so you know it's highbrow british. more than half of women are attracted to other women, and it
7:17 am
gets more pronounced when they get older. more than half women are bicurious. >> stephanie: all right. why do i picture jim's closet is full of white coats. a study care rid out by boise stayed university found a group of 484 heterosexual women, 50% had fantasies about the same sex. elizabeth morgan, professor of psychology said her findings revealed that straight women often feel more than a friendly attachment for other women.
7:18 am
[ inaudible ] isn't that stalking? >> yeah, pretty much. unless you have a white lab coat. then it's science! >> stephanie: she asked each woman to label herself as lesbian, bisexual heterosexual and share details -- >> was she wearing anything under the white lab coat at the time? >> stephanie: that would be your first question. the findings startled even her. over time each women's labels changed repeatedly. the older they got the more they chose unlabeled, which meant that they felt their sexuality didn't fit into tiny boxes.
7:19 am
[ buzzer ] >> stephanie: we consider it a sign of maturity to figure out who you are. i think it's really the opposite. [ applause ] >> stephanie: i'll give you time off to go study this. i need that report on my desk -- >> need that girl on my desk -- i me the report. >> stephanie: the report! [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: i need the report. charlie pierce from is coming up, and much more as we continue the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: for a good time call 1-800-steph-1-2.
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i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ good times, these are such good times ♪
7:24 am
♪ leave your cares behind ♪ ♪ these are such good times ♪ >> stephanie: yeah it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. twenty-three minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2. laura in south carolina welcome. >> caller: hey, stephanie, you guys have just been cracking me up. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: the reason why i was calling in, a couple of minutes ago you guys had richard from illinois -- >> stephanie: yes, who was calling in and feeling lying he had to have permission to be evangelical and welcome gays at the same time. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: that totally floored me because -- well i'm gay. i'm a christian. i live in south carolina. so i have three strikes against me, but my problem is is that if you really are going to call yourself a christian, and you read the bible and research this and do it every day, you can't tell me a place in that liable
7:25 am
that says that jesus discriminates against gays. he doesn't. never has. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: it is all about loving everybody. no matter what color of skin you have -- >> stephanie: at it would be hard for him to talk about discriminating against them, since he never mentioned them. >> caller: exactly. so it's not about what jesus is trying to teach you as christians. they are not seeing that. what they are seeing is what somebody else is feeding them. you have to firth -- fear this. you can't fear african-americans anymore, so what is next gays? >> stephanie: yeah. they got a lot of legislating to do. let's go people.
7:26 am
look alive. seafood -- what about divorce? jesus did mention that quite a bit, didn't he? wayne in indiana, hi wayne. >> caller: hi, how are you doing? i listened to that last woman that called in i was thinking she probably made more contributions to the days by because every guy she dated in high school probably turned gay. your husband listening to your talk radio show going down on his boss and receiving all of his juices just to keep his job while she's calling -- >> stephanie: i'm not sure i heard that right but i'm just going to move on -- bart welcome. >> caller: hello. m, m-a-r-k. >> stephanie: oh, sorry. >> caller: that's okay. love y'all.
7:27 am
one of your devoted minions here. the constitution says freedom from religious persecution. now that means freedom to believe what you want, and freedom from being persecuted by religious people. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: okay. thank you. >> what in what the hell? >> stephanie: i don't know. i -- i -- i think i through him off when i called him the wrong name. and he never recovered. john in california. hi, john. >> caller: good morning, stephanie. it's my first time calling. >> stephanie: oh my god. i'll be gentle go ahead. >> caller: thank you. both my husband and i are retired school teachers and we were both named john. >> stephanie: wow. >> caller: yeah. i had an interesting face back interaction with one of my cousins. he called it homosexual marriage
7:28 am
that was the tip of the moral iceberg, and if we grant that what is to stop people from bestiality, and neck row feelia. >> stephanie: yeah, it would be difficult to marry a dead person. just to get them to stand up for the wows would be difficult. >> caller: oh i know. i said if it's between consenting adults i don't think it is being intolerant. and he said aren't you being intolerant of those who aren't consenting? and i said no, i want to protect the lives of children animals and dead people. >> stephanie: very nice.
7:29 am
do you take until death do us -- you are being so passive aggressive. you can't even sit through the vows, do you take this [ crashing ] >> you dead to me. [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: with a tip in at the buzzer. oh, my god! you contribute so little to this show and that was very good. >> thank you. >> [ mumbling ] [ screaming ] >> because he looks like [ inaudible ]. >> stephanie: yeah. we don't actually think he is a -- >> he just plays one on tv. >> stephanie: okay. let's go to the reception. all right. [ crashing ] >> stephanie: do i have to drag you along to everything? charlie pierce is next on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
7:30 am
>> if you believe in state's rights but still support the drug war you must be high. >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> do you think that there is any chance we'll see this president even say the words "carbon tax"? >> with an open mind... >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> ...and a distinctly satirical point of view. >> but you mentioned "great leadership" so i want to talk about donald rumsfeld. >> (laughter). >> watch the show. >> only on current tv.
7:31 am
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♪ >> yes? light, the universe and everything there is an answer -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> stephanie: yeah. yeah. >> what is the question? >> stephanie: huh? >> stephanie: it is the -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> you have no idea what that was, do you? >> it has to do with science fiction. >> stephanie: elves and swords. there's only one man now understand thats and that's the
7:35 am
author of video in america -- ♪ pierce ♪ >> stephanie: charlie pierce political columnist for ♪ why is everyone always laughing with me ♪ >> it's hard being the only sci-fi geek in the room isn't it? [ laughter ] >> stephanie: i love the selling of rand paul the selling of aqua buddha -- time has now joined the parade. >> yeah, this is -- this is the latest thing now that rand paul is a more conventional politician than his father. his father retired. we need him to be the nut we know he is.
7:36 am
like mark lynn baker says in my favorite here. don't tell me you are life sized, i can't use you if you are life sized. >> stephanie: you said that historic filibuster convinced everyone that there is still a chance to save america. and you were talking about -- that he is just -- he has that kind of will do anything to get elected mitt romney -- >> he is a right-wing conservative who knows his audience and a less inclined to be counter intuitive than crazy uncle liberty was. >> stephanie: right. this is perfect explanation of the polls. you say whereas while listening to [ inaudible ] not long for five minutes at the 501 mark you
7:37 am
would hear something so stone weird you wondered if you had been dreaming the whole time and the younger man you wonder if you accidentally wandered into a sunday dinner with the romneys. and you say he is willing to do almost anything to get to be president. >> yeah, his record on civil rights is awful, his record on women's rights is awful, he is willing to private enterprise abridge your freedoms all the time. if you can't hold a job -- >> stephanie: and i still don't see how you square this libertarian paradise and small government and isn't he anti-choice and anti-gay marriage, right? >> and anti-civil rights bill of 1964 although he has kind of walked that back.
7:38 am
but i was fascinated with the sudden infatuation some liberals had with him because he talked about drones. and he is not really opposed to drones in yemen or pakistan or military bases, especially ones in his home state. >> stephanie: yeah it is the same thing we saw in romney that he'll change any position. >> yeah, but this guy has a baseline and romney didn't. romney had no essential political core. this guy does. and people can recognize that -- i don't know that romney ever had a base of support per se. there were a substantial number of people who were mitt romney guys. >> stephanie: yeah. and by the way -- >> except maybe tag and flip and flubby and florida.
7:39 am
>> stephanie: right. the filibuster was just -- people would just like to see an actual filibuster like that. >> yeah, the one thing i will give him -- except for the problem, that if you really want to talk a filibuster the republicans are a lot younger than they used to be. if you want a talking filibuster they are more than likely to oblige. >> stephanie: yeah. your sunday show round upspectacular as usual -- >> well, this was easter where we celebrate the resurrection of we have -- jesus by talking about gay marriage. which is what we did as a kid.
7:40 am
>> stephanie: you were talking about dolan -- >> yeah. i just want to be friends. >> exactly. >> anybody who is sick of hearing that when they were teenagers, please raise their hand. i want to be friends but i want sex. [ laughter ] >> i feel your pain, charlie. >> i don't know what it is, but i want it. >> stephanie: my favorite line, bob put together a minister, rabby and an [ inaudible ], and no they didn't walk into a barr you sack religious bastards. >> yeah they were really good. except when they pointed out that jews and muslims get to be
7:41 am
jews and muslims because christians are so intolerant. >> stephanie: right. did you hear that the pope -- >> yeah, we don't have snake handlers, or guys that build mega churches but the nutty parts of the church of my birth are really really nutty. particularly if you continue to wash you will get sucked up in lady parts and never return. >> stephanie: yeah and he is concerned they are removing the more gay elements. >> yeah, i know these people. basically because i was raised by a couple of them. sooner or later it will be a
7:42 am
jesuit plot. dan brown with this five more novels. >> stephanie: exactly. the keystone pipeline here is [ inaudible ] terry -- >> the keystone pipeline would bring more north american energy to america, and the white house continues to block keystone using every excuse in the book. it has now been more than 1600 days since the initial permits were filed to build the pipeline. it took the united states a little more than 1300 days to win world war ii. the keystone xl pipeline is a no-brainer. [overlapping speakers] >> stephanie: i'm sorry go
7:43 am
ahead. >> gee whiz representative terry i never looked at it that way. you know why? because my head is not up my ass. that's why? and it took columbus 9,000 days to sale the ocean blue. >> and meanwhile we have millions of gallons of crude oil spilling out in backyards in arkansas -- >> here for a response with three people from arkansas covered in crude oil. >> we're working as rapidly as possible to get this cleaned up. we will allow people in when the state agrees that it is safe and appropriate for people to come back and occupy their homes again. >> i think an exxon executive should be back immediately and placed in the stuff. this stuff is unbelievable. chris hayes who has his own tv
7:44 am
show now -- yay! -- had a whole segment on this. and this stuff is described by one guy as being like gritty peanut butter. >> stephanie: yeah. can anyone explain to us why the oil and gas companies get subsidies? >> because poisoning and making uninhabitable entire neighborhoods in arkansas is expensive work. >> yeah, not everyone can do that. >> that's right representative terry. i can't figure out which voice i was doing. i think i'm a little too caffeinated this morning. >> stephanie: all right. nappy time now.
7:45 am
>> we will be talking next week i hope. >> stephanie: yes, we will. >> bye. >> bye. >> stephanie: hilarious stuff. we quote him to each other before he comes on. jim just did it to me. congressman gone wild is the article. >> stephanie: yes. forty-four minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: there's a tea party in her pants, and you are invited. call now 1-800-steph-1-2. anything. what the hell were they thinking?
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>> stephanie: this is david lee roth with the suicide encouragement hot line. >> stephanie: now -- you need to give money to the trevor project today just for that joke. [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: this hour brought to you by therabreath. nothing works better at knocking out bad breath their therabreath. true story, my house this weekend, my friend tradition brushed her teeth and said i love your new mouthwash and toothpaste. >> did she really. >> stephanie: because she usually has dragon breath. >> no, she doesn't. >> how do you know! [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: just stay in the penalty box. angie in virginia you are on the
7:51 am
"stephanie miller show." >> caller: hey, i always i love you guys but i kind of agree with the caller who was grossed out by gaying makes out in public. but there's a big but there i'm always grossed out by straight people makingout in public. >> stephanie: yeah. you are absolutely right, i have seen straight people where you are just like get a room. >> caller: exactly. the obnoxious couple that is making out the entire time you are standing in line it is gross. >> stephanie: right. >> holding in hands in public is not pda. noo >> unless the hand is not
7:52 am
connected to a body >> stephanie: we're back to the nec ro philiaargument. hi, laurie. >> caller: hello. thank you for being my respite in this conservative's butt hole that i live in here in new mexico. it's frightening here. >> stephanie: yes, but [ inaudible ] in albuquerque is delightful. >> yes, once i leave this county, i can actually meet thinking people again. but it has been evangelical and -- evangelical heaven here is what it is. >> stephanie: yes, but you can get some delightful turquoise, and that's the important thing. >> caller: not here.
7:53 am
you can get oil and ill from toxic waste. >> stephanie: oh. >> caller: yeah, it's horrible up here in the four corners area. >> stephanie: uh-huh. >> caller: i have been straight my whole life but in 1982 i was involved in a relationship -- >> stephanie: hold on dr. squeezy needs his music. [♪ porn music ♪] >> caller: and we were very much in love, and i tried for six months the lesbian lifestyle, and i must tell you, it was the most fulfilling relationship i have ever had. i have been married to three straight men and it has been horrible every time. >> stephanie: you can't say you haven't tried. >> caller: yeah, exactly. and i think that's what it takes for conservatives. i have an evangelical assist important for 24 years, and she thought i was just horrible
7:54 am
horrible, until her son became gay, came out of the closet and all of a sudden it is all right. now they whisper about it within their family but now she can understand what i'm saying that gays and lesbians are the most loving, giving -- >> stephanie: that's when we know we have made progress when we stop whispering it. because my parents for instance -- my mom used to say in the '70s, you know he was black -- >> in case you haven't noticed he is black. >> caller: if everybody just took time to understand maybe not try the sexual end of it if they can't go that way, but at least immerse themselves within that culture for a while, they could learn so much. >> stephanie: there you go. immerse yourself. smoke if you got it. we don't whisper anymore.
7:55 am
>> is everybody gay! >> stephanie: at least the whispering has subsided. >> yeah. >> stephanie: george in vermont, you are on the "stephanie miller show." welcome, george. >> caller: good to finally speak with you stephanie. thank you. >> stephanie: you too, sir. >> caller: this will be draconian right away. take marriage right out of it please. i have been yelling at you guys -- at some of your callers anyway. no marriage is not what the point is. actually marriage a codification of a group or tribe. a validation of a relationship. it dudsn't belong in government or state at all. i do think no matter what the relationship is, if there is a child, there's where the state should have responsibility. >> stephanie: that's what justice kennedy said. he did bring up the 40,000 kids
7:56 am
of gay couples and then i think the argument just falls apart because you would have to deny marriage to infurtheral or older couples. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: republicans court latinos, and it's an obstacle that latinos support affordable health care. >> [ inaudible ] border securities, and eight guys in the room saying the border is secure is not enough. >> stephanie: okay. why can't we do it all? i don't think anybody disagrees. we need to secure the border and have path to citizenship. bob corker. >> we have senator working on it, and they have to take the
7:57 am
talking points to complex legislation. >> stephanie: you said yesterday you think we're actually getting something done. representative ballard. >> the united states has to be able to determine who comes in and who leaves. it's a national security issue. i don't know what motivates the president. it's pretty clear he is trying to torpedo this deal. >> stephanie: the president is? >> yeah. >> stephanie: that's right. how long has he been talking about getting immigration reform. >> how long has he been in office. >> stephanie: the l.a. times -- [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: they seem to have these come to jesus moments. latino voters with new status, the party remains at odds with the fastest growing community on health care. they are among the strongest backers of president obama's health care law.
7:58 am
supporters outnumbered objectors by 2 to 1. and yet congressional republicans continue to make repeal of the health care act a top agenda item. attacking law risks undermining the rnc outreach campaign. we just convince latinos we care about them. [♪ magic wand ♪] >> stephanie: when republicans keep saying they will repeal the health care law, latinos here the party is going to take aware their health care. this is going to be a big ongoing issue in terms of this debate. fifty-eight minutes after the hour, back with tina dupuy and ej graff of "the advocate" as we continue on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
7:59 am
8:00 am
[♪ theme music ♪] >> stephanie: all right. hour number 3. jacki schechner you probably heard the story we were just doing about the latino vote that this may help us on health care to have the republicans stop demagoguing it. >> yeah, and what was interesting in the article was also the huge support in the hispanic community for the government providing health care
8:01 am
as a basic fundamental right also. they see it -- large majority of hispanic voters see it as something the government should provide. >> stephanie: thank you. what they admire about the united states is the government steps in when there is a need. and that's exactly what this is or should be. >> right. the whole pandering on immigration thing, not so much. >> stephanie: yeah. jacki schechner's new feature, not so much. >> not so much. good morning, everybody. we talked about the brain initiative earlier, president obama says we must invest in american innovation. the next job creating discoveries need to come here in the u.s. and not other countries. the president announced the administration's newest initiative called the brain initiative. president obama will propose
8:02 am
$100 million investment in the budget he submits to congress next week. using the human geno research the brain he says is still a mystery. >> it will give scientists the tools they need to get a dynamic picture of the brain in action and better understand how we think, learn, and remember. >> that's really exciting. think about all we could do if we could crack the code of the brain, reverse posttraumatic stress disorder and wouldn't have to watch love's ones suffer from diseases like always hiemer's. tom carter is the next senator to come out in support of same-sex marriage.
8:03 am
now only seven democratic senator are left who have not publicly endorsed same-sex marriage. on the republican side the only senator out in favor of it is still rob portman. we're back after the break. stay with us. ♪ >>beltway politics from inside the loop. >>we tackle the big issues here in our nation's capital, around the country and around the globe. >>dc columnist and four time emmy winner bill press opens current's morning news block. >>we'll do our best to carry the flag from 6 to 9 every morning.
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♪ [♪ theme music ♪] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: oh yeah it is. six minutes after the hour. tomorrow hump days with sexy liberal hal sparks and also hot brea in the city activist
8:07 am
melissa fitzgerald. you forgot the sound. >> hey now. oh, yeah. >> stephanie: okay. you can email us all at like ryan in new jersey did. wonder woman buzz kill. first of all we had linda carter on, and then someone sent me a wonder woman t-shirt that i was wearing, and he writes dear steph i was certainly a fan of the '70s tv show but you made me realize something quite sinister. if i remember the back story correctly -- if i remember the back story correctly, wonder woman was a princess from the [ inaudible ] in other words she was an undocumented foreign working who used forgeries to infiltrate our government, oh, the shame.
8:08 am
[ applause ] >> stephanie: thank you for that. that little non-sequter. >> stephanie: she makes you make that sound tina dupuy d ummm. >> stephanie: she joins us now, good morning, tina. >> good morning, stephanie. >> stephanie: i apologize for the noise jim makes once again. >> hello jim. >> hello. >> stephanie: as a writer that must be a challenge when you go so much is being written about what is going on at the supreme court and elsewhere, but i have never seen anybody break it down the way you did. >> thank you very much. >> stephanie: it is interesting. liberals will tell you jesus was a middle eastern jewish hippy, he threatened the status quo and
8:09 am
was executed for it. it's an all-inclusive religion based on tolerance and peace. and then you talk about conservatives using the same religion. they see satan everywhere facial hair, the pope obama, and yoga -- but i'm on board with you about yoga. hate yoga. >> amen sister. preach it. >> stephanie: also jesus loves guns. that is the incredible thing. it's the same religion and people use it as a weapon. >> right christians don't agree with other christians as to what christianity is. they are constantly trying to be reborn and trying to find the true meaning of truth, and it's
8:10 am
really battle over who has the keys to the garden of eden. so you have these people who just absolutely oppose one thing -- let's say, homosexuality, and other people who really believe that all people are' kwal and should be loved. i was in the grocery store the other day -- [ inaudible ]. >> stephanie: yes, i agree. >> good. i was in the grocery store and there were piles and piles and piles of shrimp and lobster, and i was like why is no one protesting this abomination. >> stephanie: right. people selectively use religion to make their arguments and just ignore the parts they don't want to talk about. >> yes because religion is subjective.
8:11 am
you can interchange the word religion with opinion and it would mean the same thing in most instances. >> stephanie: right. you write every group thinks they are doing it right, and others are mistaken. those who dislike homosexuality think their version is right. those who oppose it will point out parts of the bible that agree with them and for that are for it will point out parts of the bible that agrees with them. >> there are people and i have talked to them who really believe that the constitution is basically the ten commandments in bullet points. you know? they really believe anything they find to be sacred has to be based on what moses brought
8:12 am
down. and if we are to separate church from state which it's not in the constitution but it was jefferson who said we should build a wall between church and state, and i vehemently agree with this, the kentucky house democrats just -- >> stephanie: go ahead. i was going to ask you about this. the religion freedom act. tell us about it. >> the governor vetoed it and in kentucky you only need 51 votes to override the governor's veto. so it's -- especially when in california they need a super majority to decide on the day being tuesday, in kentucky it's not like that. so it basically saying that you can't take away someone's tax exemption or burden someone -- they use the word
8:13 am
burden three times for their religious belief. which means that these religious groups have -- that they now fear if they speak out against homosexuality, if they speak their mind give their opinion, that they will be somehow, you know discriminated against because they want to be able to discriminate against other people and they don't want it to happen to them. so the whole part about do unto others has been redacted in their version of the bible, and so you have basically giving immunity to people because of their religion so they can be as big of jerks as they want to others in the community, and also infringe on their civil rights, that's when this opinion versus religion -- >> stephanie: my favorite line being discriminated against is
8:14 am
awful, but you know -- but it's just really good question. the question is where does my religion opinion begin and your civil rights end? it's a show down of rights versus rights. i was reading a piece today from the l.a. times about the legal chaos that this will create -- it could create this patch work and this chaos, don't you -- don't you think? >> well it is already chaotic, there are already people who are kind of sort of married -- >> stephanie: right. and if they move they are not married. >> right. i have friends that gay couple who refuse to get married
8:15 am
because they are like why? because they are not getting a tax break. >> stephanie: oh, interesting take. i have to -- okay. i have to ask you to do another chick topic with me. i had to do this yesterday on cnn. because you know after -- cheryl -- i'm forgetting her last name facebook ceo -- about women lean in for their careers. did you hear about this princeton mom? i had to debate her on this. she wrote a piece about that princeton women should find a husband while they are in college, because otherwise you are screwed. she said women have a shelf life, it was titled advise to the young women of princeton.
8:16 am
their happiness lies in finding a husband while still in college. women who pursue their careers, find them -- is that more like a lean back and think of ward cleaver. your thoughts? >> it reminds me of something that like my grandmother would be embarrassed to repeat. >> stephanie: right. >> i read -- or i have a collection of medical books diction dictionary dictionarys from the 1800s. and you go this is the worst
8:17 am
thing that i have ever read -- and actually i also pause when advice is given to women, instead of advice given to people. >> stephanie: and in a completely unrelated story, she is divorced fyi. >> well, there you go. but i also think the lean-in is condescending too. the whole point of feminism is that we would be able to make our own choices and do what we felt we wanted to do, and if that's raising children and leaning out or being a ceo that was always acceptable. so i think the preaching gets really ridiculous. >> stephanie: thank you. and i did also point out, fyi, not even can afford to go to princeton. >> and if you a want to talks about shelf life -- we all have
8:18 am
shelf life. dudes do not stay -- >> she said at 30 she married a man who did not go to princeton. ultimately it will frustrate you to marry a man who is not as smart as you. >> that poor thing who didn't marry a princeton man. she had to settle. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: thanks for the crappy love advice though. thanks a lot. all right. tina dupuy great stuff as always at this week. we'll talk to you soon. >> thanks, stephanie. [ applause ] >> stephanie: eighteen minutes after the hour. thanks for the crappy advice. i can screw up my life on my own. >> announcer: for a good time
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it's the documentary series that raised the bar for excellence. >> and on the next vanguard: >> the stabbing out there. >> current takes you inside the prison walls to see just how far some inmates will go to get ahold of goods behind bars.
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♪ ♪ i walked 47 miles of barbed wire, now come on little -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ -- take a walk with me and tell me who do you love who do you love ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. what the what is going on in north korea. jay carney yesterday. >> we haven't seen action to
8:25 am
back up the rhetoric. we haven't seen changes in mobilizations or repositioning of forces. and that's important to note. >> stephanie: who is the preacher that point pointed earlier it's because of the gays. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: oh yeah. state department spokes woman yesterday. >> we are looking to ib -- increase the pressure. >> stephanie: they are getting very belligerent and varicose. magnum style! >> oh, god. >> stephanie: beverly in chicago. hi, bev. >> caller: all right. this needs to be said. i wish these same senator that is coming out for same-sex
8:26 am
marriages would come out the closet to get gun control law passed. it's a shame here in chicago we just had a six month old baby get gunned down in newtown we had 20 babies. >> stephanie: i know. you are right, both issues the people are ahead of the politicians. >> caller: we can't even get these senator that are coming out for same-sex marriage to come out and get a vote for gun laws. what is more important. grown people are going to do what grown people are going to do. we can send our boys and girls over to other people's countries to help keep them safe but we can't even get a vote on it here? >> stephanie: i agree with you. it's incredible what we can't get done in this congress. we talked about this yesterday, speaking of gun violence -- [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: suspicions in the
8:27 am
slaying of the texas district attorney and his wife linked to a white supremacist gang. >> and the -- >> stephanie: governor rick perry in texas yesterday. >> this is a clear concern to individuals who are in public life. particularly those who deal with some very mean and vicious individuals whether they are white supersy groups or the drug cartels that we have. >> stephanie: rick perry again yesterday. >> i suggest everyone should be careful about what goes on whether they are public officials or otherwise. >> stephanie: and the texas judge yesterday. >> we're very much on alert.
8:28 am
we obviously have some folks that are out to do harm to elected officials, so we take that very seriously. >> stephanie: linda in california. you are on the "stephanie miller show." hey, linda. >> caller: good morning to all. i'm a born-again christian, 67 and i faithfully watch your program. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: i'm in total agreement agreement with equal rights for everyone. the scripture in the bible proverbs 20:11 it reads as a doggest runneth [ inaudible ]. it's as sick as she was the quoting part of scripture to [ inaudible ] freedom to live here however you wish as long as it doesn't hurt another is why we live here land of
8:29 am
opportunity and quality. >> stephanie: yeah this is what tina dupuy was talking about. people using bible verses. in lincoln they use it to justify slavery, right? they quoted the bible. all right. tara in california. hi tara. >> caller: hi. >> stephanie: hi. you got 30 seconds go ahead. >> caller: my point is that people who base their reason on homosexual marriage quote leviticus when they don't follow the dietary laws. >> stephanie: exactly. it's the theme of today's show. twenty-nine minutes after the hour as we continue on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
8:30 am
criticizing, and holding policy to the fire. are you encouraged by what you heard the president say the other night? is this personal or is it political? a lot of my work happens by doing the things that i am given to doing anyway. staying in tough with everything that is going on politically and putting my own nuance on it. not only does senator rubio just care about rich people but somehow he thinks raising the minimum wage is a bad idea for the middle class. but we do care about them, right? vo: the war room tonight at 6 eastern
8:31 am
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♪ >> if the public wants sex sex and more -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." thirty-four minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. the advocate always doing great stuff. there is a piece by ej graff, on the national organization for marriage. >> nom.
8:35 am
>> stephanie: and she joins us now, good morning, e.j. >> it's a pleasure to be here. >> stephanie: you too. they have these concerned women for america and i think it's one guy in his basement. so it's a really interesting piece. tell us about the national organization for marriage. >> they are really the primary opponent of marriage equality. they have run not directly but they have funded and help organize and guide every one of the campaigns against equal marriage. they have about five may -- -- major donors who give about $5 million each, and a number of smaller donors and they are
8:36 am
working very hard to add their individual donors. >> stephanie: last november they suffered five defeats to be exact, right? >> correct. in maine, maryland and washington, voters approved statutes that enabled same-sex couples to enter civil marriage. in minnesota voters rejected the definition of marriage to be one man and one woman. and in [ inaudible ] retained his seat in a recall election. >> stephanie: basically the premise of your piece, you say, yet, nom still matters, and you talk about all of this stuff. tell us the gist of all of it.
8:37 am
>> well, i will say it's not clear to me after spending a lot of time with the numbers -- it's not clear to me that they are or are not laundering money. what they are -- as i said a pretty small organization. fred carger california republican gay man absolutely believes that nom are doing money laundering. and four states are investigating nom's campaign denations. in maine -- let me go pull up the numbers, because the numbers have been so complicated to keep in mind. >> stephanie: right. >> in maine this year they gave 85% of the money that was spent
8:38 am
on blocking marriage. in washington, minnesota and maryland they gave between 44% and 50%, and then their hand-picked campaign strategist frank shoebert who organized all of the anti-marriage campaigns before received between 78% and 85% of each other those organization's expenditures which isn't to say that was all his payment, some of it obviously went to ad buys. >> stephanie: right. as you say a lot of the places where we're winning, whether it's in new york with paul singer, the reiners who have given so much to prop 8, it is interesting they are starting to counter act this money, and it is people that are straight allies that have relatives or
8:39 am
friends that are gay right? >> that's the really interesting thing is that nom says to its potential donors we will protect your name. you give to us and you don't have to disclose your name. and that's accurate under federal law, but they then funnel their money into these state fights and it's not clear if they are actively trying to hide doneors -- you know, in one particular day nom received $300,000 and by the end of the a day they transferred $300 thousand dollars to the fight in maine. had the individual donor given that money directly to the maine campaign, they would have had to have their name listed, and they
8:40 am
didn't. >> stephanie: part of it so because when you have the rush limbaugh's of the world saying this fight is lost you can see -- or look at any polling, you can see it is a less and less popular position and in record time you could see how you would have to be a little shadowy if you were on the wrong side of such an historic issue, right? >> that's what i came with after doing this article. brian brown the head of nom pretty much yelled at me. people hate them and want to kill them and are hateful toward them if they come out as being against marriage equality. and that says to me that my fight has won -- >> stephanie: that's so odd, you would think a call would be so warmly received by "the advocate." [ laughter ] >> stephanie: dirty money, it's
8:41 am
a great piece. ej thanks. it's fascinating stuff. thanks as always. we'll talk to you soon. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> wow, who could have seen that coming that mom was shadowy. >> stephanie: yeah. billy in texas you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, billy. >> caller: morning guys. you had a liberal caller call in last hour and he was talking about really the problem was that marriage was something that was coddyfied in the beginning. or i should say that he was saying well marriage between, you know separate sex or different sex people is coddyfy coddyfied. well, what i'm trying to say is that the problem began when government got involved to begin
8:42 am
with, and coddyfied what i essentially view as a sacrament, and when they made marriage something that you had to get a license for, which if you think about it is just another way to get money out of people. and then once it is cooedddyfied it becomes law, and the gays want to get in there and say we want our little piece of this too. and it goes back to the fact that the government doesn't ever make anything better. it just complicated things and makes it worse. >> stephanie: i see so nobody should be married. >> there are certain legal things that go along with marriage. >> caller: i know that. but in the beginning it was a religious things. and then the government decided
8:43 am
to get involved. and y'all keep changing the words on things -- >> stephanie: who changed the words? >> caller: well, government. the government decided to make it a legal contract -- >> because there are property issues involved -- >> stephanie: nobody is changing the word or trying to redefine it. >> caller: my suggestion is we just do away with marriage licenses all together. >> so the churches should be involved -- >> caller: if they want something with regard to rights of survivorship and things like that, they just have it drawn up. it's no less complicated than a marriage license. >> stephanie: all right. he is not a hopeless romantic as i am but all right. ummm, paperwork, let's have the honeymoon right here. [ laughter ]
8:44 am
>> stephanie: mary in atlanta, hi mare. >> caller: hey, everybody. i am calling because if you have not taken notice -- and i know you have and most people have jthere is a similarity to the argument of how they argued against interracial marriages and the same arguments are being used for gay marriage. >> stephanie: yeah, almost exactly, yeah. >> caller: and i want to tell you what the origins are. it goes back to slavery, when slaves were considered less than hew man. and then we have the emancipation proclamation and then we go into the jim crow period. and to marry somebody who is only 3/5th human, that's considered beastiality, and so
8:45 am
now without even knowing what they are doing they are showing how racist they are. they are linking their bigotry to the racism >> stephanie: yeah. absolutely. by the way all of those small government people they lavish government money on their staff. todd akin lost his race and then gave piles of government money to his staff. he nearly doubled the salaries of his staffers. allen west was the fourth biggest giver -- >> they sure like big government. ♪ wheel of right-wing hypocrites ♪ >> stephanie: all right. forty-five minutes after the
8:46 am
hour. right back with the remaining moments of the "stephanie miller show." >> wow, i don't believe it. this is too good to be real. >> of course it's real. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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it's the documentary series that raised the bar for excellence. >> and on the next vanguard: >> the stabbing out there. >> current takes you inside the prison walls to see just how far some inmates will go to get ahold of goods behind bars.
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♪ ♪ oh, well you might think i'm crazy, to hang around with -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ you might think i'm crazy, ail want, all i want is -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." fifty minutes after the hour. hump days with sexy liberal hal
8:51 am
sparks yesterday hot brie melissa fitzgerald live in studio. he is really falling down on the job -- >> well, because i'm writing. >> stephanie: he forgot to do his gross sound. dave in iowa welcome. >> caller: hi steph, thanks for your show. >> stephanie: thank ya. >> caller: i have a couple of words on the same sex marriage issue. there is the fairness issue which you, the vice president, the president, rachel and everybody has brought that issue out that the fairness is just not there. and the american people have responded well to it, i think. and then there's the sacrament issue. which is an argument in it's a, and then there is the bigots. and if you used the zachariment argument, and it doesn't bother you that it is easier to get a
8:52 am
divorce than it is to vote in some states then you might be a by got. >> stephanie: yeah. every time i write to chris kluwe, i get a little straighter. he said instead of looking at an openly gay player as a distraction, ask yourself how many sacks would we have or receptions or rushing yards would he have if he wasn't hiding something. allow someone to live his own life on his own terms. players those of you worried about a gay teammate hitting on you in the shower i have simple words for you grow the [ censor
8:53 am
bleep ] up. ♪ let's give the boy a hand ♪ >> stephanie: katherine jackson intends to call prince as a witness in her wrongful death suit suit. the legal team believed that prince had a bad experience with aeg in the past and it could be relevant. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: john ham wants do you stop talking about his junk. he is none too pleased about the media's attention to his private area, and michael jackson would say odd i will enough. opening up about the recent public at attention -- he was
8:54 am
pictured in -- >> the paparazzi -- >> stephanie: oh he was asked to wear underwear on the set of madmen -- >> he doesn't wear underwear in public and apparently he is large -- >> that is just not fair. good looking, rich -- >> stephanie: and young like a yak. they are called privates for a reason, i'm wearing pants for [ censor bleep ] sake, layoff. when people feel the need to create tumbler accounts about my -- i feel like that wasn't part of the deal. >> he also has the mercedes account. you have to be famous before they'll give you those kind of jobs. >> stephanie: okay. everybody --
8:55 am
[♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: now is not the time when we touch justin biebers monkey. because his monkey has been seized in germany. he snuck molly into europe on a private jet. don't you hate when you are trying to sneak your monkey into europe on a private jet -- [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: he now faces prosecution in berlin. >> who doesn't face prosecution in berlin. >> stephanie: who can't relate to that story? [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: nobody. did you see sean penn's son -- >> yeah, that was douchy. >> stephanie: he rammed into a photographer and called the guy an f word for gay men, and also an n word. he said [ censor bleep ], two f
8:56 am
words in a row, shut up you [ censor bleep ] n word. >> stephanie: i love this. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: cher will appear in an hour long documentary called i love cher. >> when is the documentary about you and your mom coming out? >> stephanie: never. because she is private. even you bringing up how she did naked head stands she did not appreciate mister. [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: she was the wife of a presidential nominee. >> stephanie: she didn't do it then. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: [ inaudible ] got handy with my mom at a ball i mean some big dance.
8:57 am
[ buzzer ] >> stephanie: no. according to a new poll -- [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: republicans more likely to criticize their own party than democrats. there, neener. the aftermath of the 2012 election has resulted in a consensus that the republican party is just too inflexible. they are willing to admit that their party has more than a few flaws, but just 33% of republican respondents found nothing worthy of criticism, followed by 51% of democrats who found nothing worth criticizing. well, there is just a lot to criticize is what i'm saying. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: protecting the wealth, not the middle class. that's because they tend to protect the wealthy and not the
8:58 am
middle class. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> right. >> stephanie: just saying -- some kind of hat fits shoe -- something -- >> you are drunk. >> stephanie: cammy in michigan go ahead. >> caller: hi, stephtive. >> stephanie: hi, go ahead. >> caller: when that lady called up about the dog eating its own vomit -- >> stephanie: right. >> caller: it was just jaw dropping to me that, you know people feel so free to be so ugly hateful, and bigoted towards gays more so against a -- if -- if a person would call up a black person and i can't even think of something kwificily hateful -- >> stephanie: exactly. it is uuuuugly. all right. hump days with hal sparks
8:59 am
tomorrow. we'll see you then on the "stephanie miller show." ♪


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